Working with Older Adults?

Find out more about this challenging exercise area. Acquire more knowledge and skills to enable you to increase the number of older adults who remain fit, healthy, active, and independent!

Course Bundle Description

Movement Matters focuses on maintaining and managing meaningful movement to postpone, protect, preserve and prevent unforeseeable declines in physical and mental functional abilitiesTo be able to control movement and balance well, enables people to move and undertake tasks in any situation and environment effectively and efficiently in a safe. confident manner.  

It is important to assist older and less active people to be able to cope with their activities throughout the day. The training programs provide information related to potential changes in fitness and health which may occur in later life which reduce functional abilities and thereby increasing the risk of falls and fall-related injuries! 

“Anybody no matter the age, ability or circumstance can do something to remain active and achieve realistic health and fitness goals to stay well for as long as possible. Changes are possible with the appropriate level and type of exercise”

Sally Castell

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